Checkweigher Calibration

How to Calibrate your Checkweigher in a Few Simple Steps:

It's not as hard as it looks - we make it simple!

The first thing to know about calibrating your checkweigher is that there are two different ways to calibrate your scale —static and dynamic. There is also an order in which you need to calibrate your checkweigher. You need to complete the static calibration before the dynamic calibration.

Before calibrating be aware and take note of environmental affects across the load cell such as mechanical vibrations from conveyors, toe motors, vibrating cement, wind, etc. Every facility will have different types of “noise” that will affect the scale and how it responds. The weight will fluctuate due to this environmental noise.  Calibration helps to take those variables into account and help stabilize the weight.

Now that you know a little bit about what affects the checkweigher we can start the static calibration process. First, navigate to the calibration screen on your checkweigher. Make sure to clear all the weight off of the weigh belt. There should be nothing present on the scale. Press the CAL LOW CMD button on the screen. This will set the scale reference to zero. This is a good starting point for your checkweigher. Next, enter the actual calibration weight being used for the test. You should always use a verified weight when doing a static calibration test. It does not matter the amount of weight you use as long as it is verified. For example, for this test we will be using a 1000 gram verified weight. With that being said, enter in 1000 grams for the actual calibration weight. Place that weight on scale, which is located on the center weigh belt. Press the CAL HIGH CMD button on the screen. You will see that the weight on the scale changes to the referenced weight placed on the scale. That’s it! You officially completed a static calibration. Now you will need to run a dynamic calibration step to complete the process.

The first thing to do is to navigate to the calibration screen on your checkweigher. There are two buttons associated with a dynamic calibration – clear dynamic CAL and dynamic CAL. The clear dynamic CAL button will clear any accumulated dynamical calibration that is currently in the system. If you press this button, all the data will be cleared and all zeros will be displayed. The dynamic CAL button will start the dynamic process. You will need to use the recipe target weight as reference. If your target weight is 300 grams then the weight you will use for dynamic calibration will be 300 grams. Now that you understand the terminology, let’s get started with the process. First, make sure there are no alarms present. If so, clear all alarms. Once you are on the calibration screen locate the system on and off button and switch the system to ON. The conveyor belts should start to run. Now press the clear dynamic CAL button to clear all the data and make sure your recipe for your target weight is in the system. Next, press the dynamic CAL button. The green indicator light will turn on. This means that you are in the dynamic calibration mode. Run a weight (300 grams – target weight) across the scale ten times and let the checkweigher calculate the difference. The green indicator light will turn off when the calibration process is complete. When the dynamic calibration is complete, notice you will notice about a one-gram difference between the triggered weight and the actual weight you are looking to achieve. This is just calculating for all that environmental factors we were discussing before. You are now complete with your calibration process and you can start using your checkweigher. See wasn’t that easy?

Ice Cream Filling

Ice Cream Filler

Everyone loves ice cream! Find out how we fill it!

Have you ever wondered how your favorite ice cream treat is filled without melting or causing a mess? Products such as ice cream, which are being filled into unique containers and bags, are the types of projects we take on all the time! At AMS, we specialize in unique and difficult products and this application is no different. This project was one of our favorite ice cream treats that we worked with a local bagging company to provide a complete integrated solution.

Our servo driven auger filler was combined with a VFFS bagger to fill the liquid nitrogen ice cream treat into bags. This equipment was then integrated with our Verify embedded checkweigher that provided automatic feedback and adjustments to the filler. What made this filler unique was the close approximate to the checkweigher. This allowed for the fasted rate of correction possible. The filler could make automatic adjustments quickly, which eliminated product waste. The customer was also looking to run at a rate of 80 bags per minute. Our specially designed filler allowed us to reach this rate with no problems and allowed us to keep all of their filling requirements in check.

Due to the fact that the product needed to be kept at extremely cold conditions our team needed to use a liquid nitrogen jacketed hopper. This allowed the product to stay at consistently cold temperatures throughout the fill cycle. We also used a jacket collector funnel, a specially designed level control and vacuum insulated drop tube to handle the conditions. The product required a consistent temperature of -250 degrees Fahrenheit to run properly. That is not just cold, that is REALLY, REALLY COLD!

In the ice cream industry, companies are required to meet 3A dairy requirements in order to fill this type of product. AMS is very experienced in this industry so we were not taken back when the customer asked us to meet these specifications. The complete design complied with 3A Dairy certifications as well as met sanitary and washdown requirements.

After the filler was complete the customer came to our facility to test the equipment in our brand-new FAT room. We were not short on volunteers to help run the machine because who doesn’t love ice cream. The customer was happy because they finally found a company who could meet all their requirements and fill this difficult product with ease. Now the filler, along with three more additional fillers are all running at their facility. At AMS, we have tackled some of the most unusual products and difficult scenarios, but that is why they call us the filling specialist.

If you need any further information regarding your next filling call us! You can contact us at or at (610) 942 4200. 


As a company we have accomplished so much over the past 30 years. Our business has continued to expand so much that we have outgrown our current facility! The next logical step in our process was to build! We are very excited to announce that our brand new 75,000 square foot facility is complete, which only means one thing; WE ARE MOVING!

With that being said, we wanted to reach out to our current customers, partners, vendors and associates to provide some information on the move! Our production facility will be moving Monday, May 13th to begin the moving process and re-open at the new location in Morgantown, PA on Thursday, May 23rd. We will still be partially operational at this time. Offices will remain open until Friday, May 17th and re-open on Tuesday, May 21st.

Our business, including website, email and cell phones will remain fully operational during the moving process so feel free to contact us with any questions. We would like to thank everyone who have supported AMS and Hillside throughout the years and are excited for you to join us as we take this next big step toward our future!

Please update your records with our new contact information below:

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130 Morgan Way Morgantown, PA 19543
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Semi-Automatic vs Automatic Auger Filler

Want to know the difference? Find out the best filler for your application?

So, you are looking to purchase a filler for your next production line. What type should you choose? Do you want a versatile and economical machine? Or are you looking for a more automated process? There are many factors to consider before purchasing a filler such as price, speed, labor and efficiency. Each machine has its differences and benefits. We have decided to make this decision a bit easier by outlining them each below.

The Semi-Automatic Auger Filler

The AMS A-100 semi-automatic filling machine is the industry standard for filling. It has a heavy-duty drive that is built to deliver extended service in demanding machine applications. This type of machine is incredibly versatile and economical and is capable of filling a wide range of products. Accuracies can also average +/- 1% or better depending on the application. Even though they do involve some labor, these machines are simple to use and require minimal operator training.

The lower price of a semi-automatic machine is a huge draw for customers. One thing to note is you do need an operator present to run the machine. While running, an operator must count, weigh and use a foot switch to release the product into containers. It is best used for small to medium scale production requirements.

When considering this machine, you need to weigh the benefits of cost vs speed. Are you looking for more of an automatic process or are you looking for simple cost-effective solution? Semi-automatic machines are economical, easy to use, accurate and can fill a wide range of products. Is this the best choice for you? Will this take your company to the next step? Or, are you already at this stage and want to take it to the next level? Are you looking to automatic your line? Read about our automatic fillers below.

The Automatic

Our line of automatic filling machines are accurate, efficient and fast! Or line includes single head, dual head, multi head with many options in between. Each machine allows for customization and add-ons such as rotary tables, conveyor sizes, checkweighers and more. Our automatic line can fill virtually any rigid container at line speeds up to 60-90 cpm. Utilizing a two-station design, the dual head automatic filler can increase production rates, perform bulk and dribble fills or put two different products in the same container.


Now let’s talk about the differences. There are two major differences that come with purchasing an automatic over a semi-automatic; cost and training. Sometimes, when you get into a more in-depth model such as dual head automatic machine with embedded checkweigher there is some operator training needed. This could mean more training within your facility or having a service tech come to assist with startup. The other major difference is cost. Automatic fillers can range in price but do cost significantly more than a semi-automatic filler.

If you are looking to increase production, package more efficiently, increase speed and automate your line then consider an automatic filling machine over a semi-automatic. It’s also important to know that we have the ability to upgrade your semi-automatic machine to a fully automated filler. By upgrading from traditional filling to a more automated line, it allows you to save costly downtime, increase production and reduce labor costs.

If you need any further information regarding semi-automatic vs automatic fillers or just want to call to discuss your application, reach out to us. You can contact us at or at (610) 942 4200.

Common Questions:

Common Questions: 1

These are the TOP 3 Common Questions that we hear from our Customers!

1. Question: Have you ever filled X?

Answer: AMS machines are used all over the world to fill powders, creams, pastes and other products in demanding and custom applications. Do you think you have a unique or difficult product? Chances are, we’ve filled it. Our engineering and production capabilities enable us to meet the packaging and filling needs for dozens of products, ranging from powders, spices, gummy bears, peanuts, coffee, supplements, beverages, spackling paste, adhesives to ground meat… almost anything that you can imagine. We also are capable of meeting 3A Dairy requirements for powdered milk type products and sanitary fills. Our equipment meets the most rigorous standards and highest production demands of the pharmaceutical/nutraceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic and chemical industries. With that said, we also provide extensive lab work up of your product to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can provide a solution that works for you and your product. So, when we hear the question have you filled product X? We can reassure you that we can. We have tackled some of the most common and unusual products. But that is why they call us the filling specialist.

2. Question: Do you fill by weight or by volume?

Answer: We often hear the question do you fill by weight or by volume? The answer is we can do both! The real question is do you know the difference between the two technologies and the benefits of each. When filling by volume the filler will dispense a specific volume of product. This is quick, efficient way of filling especially when weight is not a priority. All of our volumetric fillers are capable of filling +/- 1 percent with some products producing better accuracies than others. When filling by weight the filler will often utilize a digital scale or checkweigher for feedback. This will assure that the product is being filled precisely and accurately. Our fill-by-weight machines can also perform a “bulk and dribble” fill allowing a bulk of the product to be filled initially. Then the remaining product will dribble at a slower rate until it reaches the target weight exactly. This is one of the most precise ways of filling when speed is not a priority and accuracy is key.

3. Question: What is the difference between you and the competitors?

Answer: Have you ever asked what separates you from your competitors? What makes you different? Why should our company choose you? The main thing that makes us different is that we are CUSTOMER FOCUSED. We will listen to worries, frustrations and come up with a solution to move your company in the right direction. We don’t just put you in a category we cater to your needs. Our team has the knowledge and experience to take on projects that our competitors won’t and we customize our fillers to meet a variety of applications. We also pride ourselves on our service and support team and provide lifelong assistance even after the sale. Our goal is to build a RELATIONSHIP with our customers not just count them as another number. So, if you want a company that is going to support you all the way from the quotation process through testing, delivery and even after the sale – contact us today. If you want to fill it right – call the filling specialist. We look forward to working with you on your project.