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for OEM Partnerships

Robert Trabbold

Our OEM Sales Manager

I have been with the AMS team for 4 years, following 8 years of working within the packaging industry. Due to existing customer relationships and previous OEM experience, I will be stepping in as the OEM Sales Manager.

I look forward to working with you and finding a solution that is best for your company.

Email: rtrabbold@amsfilling.com

Phone: 610.942.4200 (ext. 136)


AMS provides and integrates vertical form fill seal equipment to virtually any packaging industry. Our OEM manager, Robert Trabbold, works in close collaboration with our OEM accounts to provide the best solution possible.

Semi-Automatic OEM Auger Filler [A-100]

Our featured machine is the OEM A-100 Semi-Automatic auger filler. It fills free-flowing and non-free flowing dry products as well as liquids, regardless of viscosity. Whether it’s a 100 mg pharmaceutical or 50 lb. bulk product fill, the OEM A-100 is capable of all types of filling applications.

Semi-Automatic OEM Twin Auger Filler [A-200]

The A-200 Semi-Automatic OEM Twin Auger Filler provides higher filling rates for any line requiring two-up capacities. Each spindle is individually controlled which maximizes flexibility and accuracy and can be set- up either side by side or in front of and in back of each other. The A-200 Semi-Automatic OEM Twin Auger Filler is capable of filling two products at once.


Poly-Fill OEM Auger Filler [A-300]

The A-300 Poly-Fill Auger Filler is your solution for non-free flowing food and pharmaceutical products on multiple lane, high-speed packaging. The multiple spindle fillers can dispense products from 3 to 12 fills per cycle on centers as close as 5”. Since each spindle is driven separately, the A-300 maximizes flexibility and accuracy for single or multiple products. 

Volumetric OEM Cup Filler [CA-100]

The CA-100 Volumetric OEM Cup Filler is used to dispense a variety of dry, free-flowing products, such as rice, candy, and seeds, without any product degradation. Cup volumes can be adjusted manually with a hand crank or automatically with a motor to fine-tune fill weights. Cups can be changed within minutes to accommodate a variety of products and volume requirements.