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AMS provides and integrates vertical form fill seal equipment to virtually any packaging industry. 

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Semi-Automatic OEM Auger Filler

Our featured machine is the OEM A-100 Semi-Automatic auger filler. We mount this filler on VFFS and horizontal pouch filler equipment. This type of machine is incredibly versatile and economical and is capable of filling a wide range of products. Accuracies can also average +/- 1% or better depending on the application.


Semi-Automatic OEM Twin Auger Filler

The A-200 Semi-Automatic OEM Twin Auger Filler provides higher filling rates for any line requiring two-up capacities. Each spindle is individually controlled which maximizes flexibility and accuracy and can be set- up either side by side or in front of and in back of each other. The A-200 Semi-Automatic OEM Twin Auger Filler is capable of filling two products at once.

Semi Automatic OEM Twin Auger Filler
Poly Fill OEM Auger Filler

Poly-Fill OEM Auger Filler

The A-300 Poly-Fill Auger Filler is your solution for free flow and non-free flowing products on multiple lane, high-speed packaging. The multiple spindle fillers can dispense products from 3 to 12 fills per cycle on centers as close as 5”. Since each spindle is driven separately, the A-300 maximizes flexibility and accuracy for single or multiple products.


Volumetric OEM Cup Filler

The CA-100 Volumetric OEM Cup Filler is used to dispense a variety of dry, free-flowing products, such as rice, candy, and seeds, without any product degradation. Cup volumes can be adjusted manually with a hand crank or automatically with a motor to fine-tune fill weights. Cups can be changed within minutes to accommodate a variety of products and volume requirements.

Volumetric OEM Cup Filler