Test Lab

Test Lab

Introducing our Brand New F.A.T Room and Testing Lab

Our new building was designed with our customers in mind. We wanted to make sure the facility had all the features needed to design, test, build and ship the best equipment possible. This has really expanded our capabilities and really improved our customer satisfaction overall. The biggest improvements with the new building include our brand-new Testing Lab as well as a designated F.A.T or Factory Acceptance Test room.

AMS’s on-site testing lab is a great asset for our customers that allows us to test your product free of charge before moving forward with the purchase of a machine. This can work for new customers, current customers as well as companies switching products who just need a new set of tooling. We really encourage our customers to send products, containers and specifications prior to testing. This way we can provide the most accurate test results possible. Testing products and containers really helps us determine the best machine, model, fill rate and tooling specifications for your filler. We even encourage our customers to visit our new testing facility and see their product run to answer any questions they may have right on the spot. Think you have a difficult product? Don’t worry! We have a variety of stocked augers, funnels, agitation blades for both free flow and non-flow type products. We can handle the most difficult of applications. After we test your product our skilled lab technicians will provide a custom report breaking down everything including product density, fill accuracies, speed, etc. This way you know exactly what to expect before purchasing your filler. We also have a designated room for customers after they purchase! This room is designed for customers to perform their Factory Acceptance Test in a clean and controlled environment.

A Factory Acceptance Test (F.A.T) is a series of tests and inspections that is completed prior to shipment. The purpose of the F.A.T is to identify any problems or issues with the machine as well as complete any customer requests or requirements. This test allows the customer to see their finished machine in action. The tests are usually comprised of several topics such as; safety, documentation, mechanical, and electrical inspections, dry test, performance tests and other requirements depending on the customer. We try and make this procedure as easy and efficient as possible. Our goal is to provide assistance all the way through testing, manufacturing, delivery and support. When selecting the right filler, we want you to have as little error as possible. We designed our facility to allow our customers to see the machine perform to their required specifications, get onsite training and answer any questions they may have before sending the machine off to their facility.

Reach out to us to schedule a product testing or F.A.T test today! You can contact us at sales@amsfilling.com or at (610) 942 4200