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Spare Parts

AMS is now manufacturing new and replacement augersfor the filling machine industry. Our unique one-piece design is unlike any auger currently on the market. Our augers are CNC machined out of one solid piece of material instead of the traditional pin and welded design. This new method ensures consistent, straight augers every time – machined to perfection. With the traditional pin and weld design, we eliminated the technique of welding and grinding. This process can cause the auger to become weak and break over time. It is also inconsistent as it is a more manual process. Our strong, durable one-piece design will provide consistent and accurate fills for your filler. For augers over 30 inches, part of the auger length will need to be welded together as most equipment CNC equipment cannot handle lengths that long.


AMS provides high quality replacement parts and accessories for a wide variety of filling machines and equipment. We only utilize the most dependable, long lasting components. We combine CNC manufacturing technology with a commitment to high quality craftsmanship. Our replacement auger tooling and components are built to last. We understand the frustration when your production line is down and you need parts right away. AMS has an inventory of replacement parts to service your filling machine right away. Most of our augers, funnels and electronic components are stocked and ready to
ship the same day.


If you are looking into replace your current auger tooling or you need to add additional tooling to your line; our facility has a state-of-the-art testing lab. This is where we can test your product free of charge and provide you with the exact equipment for your application. We can also determine if your tooling will need any accessories like a dust shroud for dusty products, a drip washer for more viscous type products or vibration for product settling.


Some of our parts include: accessories, augers, collector funnels, cutoffs, flights, free-flow augers, liquid tooling, special augers, form fill seal parts, funnels, non-free flow augers, spinner plates and much more. We also carry replacement parts and accessories for all major manufacturers including; All-Fill, Mateer-Burt, Bartelt, Spee-Dee and Image.


Visit our PARTS CATALOG for specific dimensions and identification of replacement parts and accessories. Please contact our parts department at 610-942-4200 or submit the form below to request a quotation. We will replace any part for your AMS filling system or a custom solution for your existing machine. We look forward to speaking with you!