AMS Expands with New Offices

AMS is expanding again due to our rapid growth within the filling industry. Due to increase in business, we needed to make new hires within our marketing, sales and production departments. In order to accommodate all of our employees, we needed to construct an office expansion. The new office cubicles were built in the loft area of our machine shop and hold five new offices. Our engineering department was moved to the new cubicles and the new marketing, sales and production employees were moved into the existing offices.

When AMS was established in 1986, the founding partners took their experience in the filling industry, and philosophy of filling every expectation of accuracy, reliability and support, and made it their core principles of their business.

Over the past twenty-five years, AMS has grown to employ more than 60 people and operate from a 40,000 square foot facility in Honey Brook, PA. Our rapid growth offers enhanced satisfaction via larger inventory, modern manufacturing capability and strong engineering and service departments.

We are continuing to expand our facility with the new offices and hired employees. We are excited to continue our growth and advancements within the industry and look forward to the opportunities in the future.

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