The Correct Tooling

How to Select the Correct Tooling

A very important thing to consider when purchasing a filler is the type of tooling needed to run your production line at its very best. Every application is different and every machine is unique.  Our engineers make sure that the tooling we use will work perfectly with the specifications of your product. We take the size, flowability, and structure into consideration before selecting the correct tooling for your application. That is why we always recommend testing your product before purchasing a filler.

The first step that we always look for in a tooling selection is whether or not the product is free flowing or non-free flowing. The video below will show you a demonstration on how to determine which tooling is best for your product. Once that simple step is complete, we recommend that you send us your product for testing.
Inside our facility we have our state-of-the-art testing lab.  This is where we can test your product free of charge and provide you with product knowledge associated with your prospective filler. This way you know exactly how fast the filler is expected to go, what type of accuracies can be achieved and what type of tooling and pricing is needed for the filler. We can also determine if your tooling will need any accessories like a dust shroud for dusty products, a drip washer for more viscous type products or vibration for product settling.
Our expert team members receive rigorous in-house training on machine design, engineering, construction and operation.  When selecting the right filler and the correct tooling, we want you to have as little error as possible. We are knowledgeable of our equipment and services and are able to answer any of your questions, provide you with specific information and give you the reassurance that you picked the right company to assist you in the expanding of your filling machine line. Call us today at 610-942-4200 or email us at

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