Incredible Versatile and
Economical Machine

Semi-Automatic Auger Filling Machines

We’ve earned an outstanding reputation as an industry leader through 30 years of manufacturing experience in high quality auger filling machines. We offer both volumetric and gravimetric filler systems, including single and multiple head semi-automatics. Each of our systems have options for customization and add-on capabilities. Leveraging our in-house team of engineers and skilled tradesmen, we design custom auger filling solutions suitable for every type of company from small automation to larger productions.

The A-100 is the foundation of AMS’ product line. This semi-automatic volumetric auger filler offers incredible versatility in an economical machine. It is designed to run efficiently and eliminates costly downtime. The A-100 can fill free-flowing and non-free-flowing dry products, as well as liquids, regardless of viscosity. Whether it’s a 100 mg pharmaceutical or 50 lb. bulk  product fill, the A-100 is capable of all types of filling applications. Standard features include high performance PLC controls, stainless steel product contact parts and quick and easy cleanup.

The A-200 Twin Auger Filler provides high speed filling rates for any single or two-up line application. You have the option to fill one or two different lines simultaneously. The spindles are set either side-by-side or front-to-back. Each spindle is  individually controlled for maximum flexibility and accuracy.


The SA-100 Servo Drive Auger Filler Head utilizes a true closed-loop servo control system. The servo motor is mounted above the auger shaft as a direct-drive system.This allows for the motor to run at much higher cycle rates and offer variable fill speeds. We turn solutions into savings with our servo auger filler, increasing your ROI and production.


The SL-50 is the first tabletop auger filler that has all the standard characteristics of a full scale auger filling system. The SL-50 functions as a standard revolutions-based volumetric filling system or can be upgraded to operate using the integration of a highly accurate scale. This eliminates issues with bulky density variations or small quantity, high fill accuracy requirements.