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Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Medical

Recommended Filling Machine: Semi-Automatic [SL-50]

AMS builds auger fillers for many of the top pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medical companies. These applications often have precise measuring and filling requirements. We use servo-driven, scale-controlled packages to meet and exceed the most demanding pharmaceutical applications with custom contact parts. Our engineers and designers build solutions to meet any production challenge including high-speed fills using multi-head fillers or fill by weight systems capable of producing net weight accuracies of +/- 0.1% to 0.25%.  


The real benefit of an AMS semi-automatic auger filler system lies in our ability to custom-design a complete turnkey solution for any application. For example, our Single- Head Semi-Automatic Auger Filler [SL-50] functions as a standard revolutions-based volumetric filling system. The characteristics of this auger filler eliminates issues with bulk density variations while accommodating for small quantities with high fill accuracy requirements. One of our custom designs is a high speed dual SL-50 head rotary machine which is being used by a large international pharmaceutical company. When compared to a standard product line, this custom filling machine performs above and beyond the customer’s expectations with small precision fills at higher production rates. We offer both volumetric and gravimetric semi-automatic filling machines, including single and multi- head, depending on the application. Each of our systems have options for customization and add-on equipment. Leveraging our in-house team of engineers, we design custom auger filling solutions suitable for every type of application from small automation to larger productions.