Enhancing Fills and Increasing
Production Speeds

Continuous Motion Rotary Filler A-700

Our indexing and continuous motion rotary fillers solve difficult container handling and product settling problems at high line speeds. By combining AMS auger fillers or combination scales with up to 36 station turrets, our AMS filling machines provide smooth production speeds of up to 700 containers per minute. The A-700’s continuous motion rotary filler offers higher operating speeds and enhanced filling over traditional in-line auger fillers, while providing a level of filling accuracy comparable to more accurate but slower operating fill-by-weight methods. By design, continuous motion rotary fillers produce less wear on their parts than traditional in-line fillers.


Stainless-Steel Contact Parts
• Food grade, industrial strength and
resistant to most chemicals
• Easy removal and cleanability
Variable Speed Turret Drive & Auger Drive
• Allows production at optimum speed
while maintaining fill accuracy
Product Agitation Inside Hopper
• Assures product consistency, maximum
flow and consistent delivery
Allen Bradley PLC and Touch Screen Interface
• World wide support network
• Large touch screen display clearly shows all relevant
information and enables easy transition through controls
Heavy-Duty Head Assembly with Dust Proof Cover and 7” Dia. Infeed Duct
• Proven design to withstand the demands of daily production.
Fully Enclosed Base with Column Jack to Raise/Lower Fill Head
• Clean appearance while providing storage
for spare parts and tools
Dust Shroud Over Transfer Funnels
• Maintains clean work environment even
at high production speeds
Safety Interlocked Guarding
• Automatically stops filler when doors open
minimizing risk to operators
Tool-Less Change Parts
• Stainless-steel contact parts for easy removal and cleaning
• Changes from one container to another in just minutes