A Labor Saving Solution

Semi-Automatic Volumetric Cup Filler [CA-100]

The CA-100 is a heavy-duty semi-automatic auger filling machine capable of dispensing dry, free flowing particles, such as beans, rice and nuts. All product contact parts are Stainless- steel and are designed for easy clean-up and change-over. A footswitch and auto recycle timer come as a standard feature on the CA-100. The recycle time allows operators to set and maintain a consistent production rate.


Stainless-Steel Contact Parts
• Food grade, industrial strength and
resistant to most chemicals
• Easy removal and cleanability
On the fly Adjustable Pocket Volume
• Flexibility to run with different sized
containers without extensive changeover
Allen Bradley Servo and PLC
• World wide support network
• Cutting edge technology
Tool Easily Upgradable to Complete Automatic Operation
• Allows for increased capacity with minor changes and low
Fully Enclosed  Volume Adjustment Level Utilizing Scale Design
• Increases and decreases product volume levels
• Labor-saving and minimizes downtime
Quick Release Volume Pocket Design
• Allows for maximum fill size range capacity
 SA 16 Gallon Conical Feed Hopper
• Assures product consistency, maximum
flow and consistent delivery